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Veritas Dealers
Following is a listing by region of dealers that carry this product.
  Transfer/Log Scribe
Ideal tool for transferring contours of one shape onto another

North America

Shelter Institute  
Berland's House of Tools  
Highland Woodworking  
Lee Valley Tools  
Log Home Store  
McGuckin Hardware  


Axminster - United Kingdom/Royaume-Uni  
Blockhausbautools - Germany/Allemagne  
Bordet - France  
Brimarc - United Kingdom/Royaume-Uni  
Comercial Pazos - Spain/Espagne  
Dictum GmbH - Germany/Allemagne  
Feine Werkzeuge - Germany/Allemagne  
Gaignard-Millon  - France  
Grube KG - Germany/Allemagne  
Hirspek OY - Finland/Finlande  
Prado-RUS - Russia/Russie  
Schlapfer Bruno - Switzerland/Suisse  
Toollandia - Poland/Polska  
ToolTrade Baltic OÜ - Estonia/Estonie  

Australia, Asia, and Africa

OFF Corporation - Japan/Japon  
So Bit - Korea/Corée  

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