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Veritas Dealers
Following is a listing by region of dealers that carry this product.

North America

Shelter Institute  
Berland's House of Tools  
Highland Woodworking  
Lee Valley Tools  
Log Home Store  
McGuckin Hardware  


Axminster - United Kingdom/Royaume-Uni  
Blockhausbautools - Germany/Allemagne  
Bordet - France  
Brimarc - United Kingdom/Royaume-Uni  
Comercial Pazos - Spain/Espagne  
Dictum GmbH - Germany/Allemagne  
Feine Werkzeuge - Germany/Allemagne  
Gaignard-Millon  - France  
Grube KG - Germany/Allemagne  
Hirspek OY - Finland/Finlande  
Plektra Trading - Finland/Finlande  
Prado-RUS - Russia/Russie  
Schlapfer Bruno - Switzerland/Suisse  
Toollandia - Poland/Polska  

Australia, Asia, and Africa

OFF Corporation - Japan/Japon  
So Bit - Korea/CorĂ©e  

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